First half marathon

You’ve read that right my friends, I will be running my first ever half marathon at the end of this month!

This has always been seated right at the top of my bucket list and I finally gained the courage to sign up and just do it. However, I am a wee bit nervous… okay, much more than just a wee bit. I began my training about six-eight weeks out from the race day BUT last week I neglected my Brooks due to health issues and now I fear that I won’t have the appropriate amount of training.

I must admit that I am not running for time in this race. Because this is my first half marathon, I just want to cross the finish line and be happy with that!

This will be step #1 in my Pre-bride fitness checklist (coming to you guys soon)!

Does anyone have any advice to calm my nerves?! How did your first half marathon go?


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