Inspiration vs. Intimidation

I am in a place in my life where I know exactly who I am and exactly how I want to live my life. I want to lead a life full of positivity, compassion and inspiration: whether that be to myself or towards others. I want to try my very best to be a better person each and every day.

Growing up, I was shy, quiet and simply moved with the flow that we call life. I certainly worked hard at my schooling, work and athletics but I never really knew who I was. Pretty girls made me nervous, smart girls made me self-aware, and the confident girls scared me senseless. I was always timid towards them because I had wished that I had myself figured out, like they seemed to already have done.

I knew that if I got into stellar shape, I would boost my self-esteem along with my confidence. Genetics had blessed me with a slender frame, but I wanted the muscles and toned physique that some girls dreamed to have. I knew that doing that for myself would give me goals, newfound positivity and happiness that everyone needs and yearns for.

When I first started learning about healthy living and fitness regimens, I became aware of the people around me who were already submerged in this lifestyle. The people I had met and known of intimidated me from head to toe. I now know that these were not the people I should have been looking to for guidance, and I should not have considered them as examples of how to achieve the life I wanted. These people were condescending, harsh, and were the epitome of intimidation and led me to quickly run in the other direction of what I wanted, because of how they made me feel.

I did not want to be picked on or judged, and I certainly refused to do that to people trying to accomplish the same things that I was.

Fast forward a couple of years from the exact moment that I gave up. I met my now-fiancé, who completely changed my outlook on what I had thought I knew about people who were doing the same things that I wanted to be doing. He brought me to the gym and introduced me to the most inspiring and motivating people that I had ever met. I learned that there were people, whether beginners or professionals, that were so very different than the people that I had come to associate with fitness. Meeting these people and having the extra boost of support, I finally made that change for myself. I was finally inspired enough to push myself towards my goals I wanted to achieve and the lifestyle I wanted maintain.

I then gave myself the positivity, happiness, compassion, and the self-acceptance that I had been in search of. Having that one person to open my eyes and help guide me in the right direction was all that I had needed. Once I was happy with myself, I could be happy with everything else. It was the first time that I had felt that I was in the right place in my life and ever since then, I was finally comfortable being who I was.

If I could do one thing in my life, it would be t0 inspire just one person to push towards their goals and to find their happiness. I would want to motivate any person that I could, and also help to guide them to a happy, healthy, and peaceful place. I would only want the chance to do the things for someone, that my fiancé did to help me.


My Bridal Fitness Bucket List

The first five months of our engagement have absolutely FLOWN by and now that we are a little less than seven months until the big day, it’s time to get my butt into gear.

I’ve come up with a list of pre-wedding goals that I would like to accomplish before I walk down the aisle, so here we go:

-run at least one 5k
run my first half marathon
-do 25 (non girly) push-ups in a row
-do 5 pull-ups
-tone my arms so that they are defined.. even when it isn’t arm day
-start (&complete) a 12 week bodybuilding program
-work my abs hard to get my dream six pack
-squat 150lbs

I’m sure there will be additions to that list in the next seven months, but this sounds like a fun starting point to me!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted and I’ve recently taken a updated progress photo I wanted to share:


And here is my fiancé’s progress photo:


I’m so thankful that I have such a motivating gym partner. He pushes me, keeps me focused and I just know we will have fun training for the biggest day of our lives together!

beautiful you

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you starting your day off well.

Like I had mentioned yesterday, I had a lot to do. After a full shift at work I met up with my best friend Amanda and we had a late lunch/early dinner date. It was so good to catch up with her! As we were talking she was telling me a little bit about her weight loss goals; how she had never thought she would be where she was and she wanted to kick it into gear and reach her goal.

Then it dawned on me… every person sees themselves differently and every person carries their weight differently. Have you seen the photo floating around the internet?


Each one of these beautiful women weight 150lbs. Would you be able to tell that by looking at them? No way! Everyone carries their weight differently. Do not be a victim to the scale. The scale tells you a number that will not break you. I stopped weighing myself last year because I wanted to base my fitness goals solely on the way I look and feel.

So many women fall victim to the number on the scale and feel as though that is what dictates your health/weight loss/fitness goals. I’m here to tell you that these women are incorrect and have been falsely mislead by the media. Let your renewed energy, your enhanced mood, or your sore body dictate how well you are defeating your goals… not a lousy number.

I hope all of you ladies realize how beautiful you are and how amazing your bodies are. Think of everything your body can do! Now, imagine molding your body into the body you’ve always wanted. Start by making your body a healthy body and keeping your mind focused on how well you are doing. Keep up your positivity and confidence ladies!!!

Stay focused on your goals today and remember you are beautiful!