Our Predestined Journey

Life is short. Life is sweet. Life is an everlasting rollercoaster of priceless moments and unforgettable memories. 

The only thing that I am absolutely sure of in life, is that our lives are predestined. Our journey is laid out for us even before our Earthly arrival. We have always and will always be given a myriad of choices to choose from. Although, now it seems that the path we choose is always the path we were meant to travel.

Thinking deeply about this makes my brain swim and revisit the mistakes, choices, and milestones that I have surpassed and overcome. Just knowing that, every single choice (whether they be good or bad) that I have ever made in my life’s entirety was always meant for me to learn from.

Being the person that I want to be while simultaneously being the person I was created to be, is what life is all about. Each day, I strive to be a better person.. to lend my hand (or shoulder, or heart) to people who need/deserve it.. to help influence others to live their happiest life possible.. to help create a beautiful world to live in for generations to come. I have forgotten how to be unhappy and miserable because I am too invested in living my life to the fullest capacity. I refuse to let my well-being suffer, even during the darkest times. I let my journey guide me out of dark waters, towards the white light that always seems to shine a little bit brighter.

This is where my faith grows stronger. It becomes more palpable and I can almost grasp it with my bare hands. I will always try to make the right decision, and lead myself (and others) down the right path, but I know that whatever direction I may go, I will consistently travel towards my final destination.  It is a refreshing thought and it makes me want to dance with joy, because when it comes down to it.. I know that I will always survive, I will always conquer, and most importantly, I will always find that bright light.


beautiful you

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you starting your day off well.

Like I had mentioned yesterday, I had a lot to do. After a full shift at work I met up with my best friend Amanda and we had a late lunch/early dinner date. It was so good to catch up with her! As we were talking she was telling me a little bit about her weight loss goals; how she had never thought she would be where she was and she wanted to kick it into gear and reach her goal.

Then it dawned on me… every person sees themselves differently and every person carries their weight differently. Have you seen the photo floating around the internet?


Each one of these beautiful women weight 150lbs. Would you be able to tell that by looking at them? No way! Everyone carries their weight differently. Do not be a victim to the scale. The scale tells you a number that will not break you. I stopped weighing myself last year because I wanted to base my fitness goals solely on the way I look and feel.

So many women fall victim to the number on the scale and feel as though that is what dictates your health/weight loss/fitness goals. I’m here to tell you that these women are incorrect and have been falsely mislead by the media. Let your renewed energy, your enhanced mood, or your sore body dictate how well you are defeating your goals… not a lousy number.

I hope all of you ladies realize how beautiful you are and how amazing your bodies are. Think of everything your body can do! Now, imagine molding your body into the body you’ve always wanted. Start by making your body a healthy body and keeping your mind focused on how well you are doing. Keep up your positivity and confidence ladies!!!

Stay focused on your goals today and remember you are beautiful!