Our Wedding Day

Wow! The day that we have wished and worked so hard for has finally come and gone. I had been told many, many times that the time would fly, but for some reason it was so hard for me to believe. I know better now.


Our wedding day was absolutely magical. It was stocked full with excitement, nerves and raw emotion. Never in my life have I cried so many happy tears than I did on that day. I cried the night before, at our rehearsal, when Josh gifted me an absolutely breathtaking jewelry box complete with a personalized engraving. I cried the morning of the wedding, both when my hair stylist fastened in my veil and when I saw all of the gorgeous flower arrangements. I nearly cried due to nerves, as I waited in the room with my personal attendant, watching the time tick by so quickly and so slowly all at the same time. I nearly cried as my bridesmaids surrounded me and offered last minute well wishes and compliments just moments before the ceremony began. I cried just two steps down the aisle, with by Dad and Step-dad on each side of me and my now-husband watching and waiting for me at the end of the aisle.

The excitement continued after we said our vows and shared our first kiss (which is more amazing than people let on,) and had the chance to start the celebration with all of the people we love. We had an incredible dinner, a few tear-inducing toasts, and lively music to keep the party flowing. Everyone was so energetic and so seemingly happy, that we felt so blessed to have such wonderful people engulfing us on our special day. It felt as though we had everything we could ever want or need, right in that very moment.

After the chaos that was the wedding day, we celebrated our new lives as husband and wife by ourselves at our shared apartment. We changed into pajamas and ordered the largest pizza we could find (people aren’t fooling you when they tell you that you will hardly eat all day.) We reminsced at how remarkable all aspects of the day ended up to be and how surreal everything had felt. Neither of us could actually believe that the perfect wedding we had just departed was actually our own. Never in a million years could we have believed that our day would work itself out to be so seamless and flow so well.  Honestly, nothing major happened, minus the instances I became ill from all of the stimulation.

We feel so incredibly blessed to everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to attend the most amazing day of our lives. We had friends and family whom travled both near and far to be there to support us and to witness our love and commitment to eachother. We have never been more grateful and could never repay anyone for the way they made us feel.

We would also like to thank our venders for helping making the planning process a breeze!

 Drugan’s Castle Mound – I cannot even begin to explain the amazement I have of Mary Drugan. She was so friendly and accomodating that we felt as though she was part of the family. She made the planning process and both the ceremony and reception everything that we had ever hoped that we would have. Their ceremony space is utterly breathtaking and the reception space is so open and warm. We had many, many compliments on the food, service and atmosphere. If we had to do it all over again, I would undoubtedly book with Drugan’s again. Absolutely AMAZING.

Charlotte’s Bridal – The staff was so amazing and helpful. Every time I walked into their door, I felt as though I was their most important client. They were so friendly and genuine that I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for beautiful gowns for great deals. I found my wedding gown, the bridesmaid dresses, the mother of the bride dress and the mother of the groom dress all at Charlotte’s. They understood my taste and style and were able to help me to select the perfect dresses without a hitch!

Men’s Wearhouse – The staff was friendly and so approachable. Our first visit was a total learning experience for us because we weren’t exactly sure just what we were looking for yet, but they were very patient and kind to us. They were so quick to any changes that we needed along the way. We had ordered the wrong coat size for my now-husband, and they fixed it for us within 24 hours. We were relieved and incredibly impressed.

Cottage Garden Floral – The ladies here are absolute saints. Marcie sat with us through many appointments and helped us create all of our bouquets and boutonnieres from scrath. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to flowers, but she was so easygoing with her explanations that I felt confident and happy with my final selections. I’ve come to really appreciate and love this little floral shop and their staff and I will definitely be back for any other occasion. I will recommend them to every and anyone!

Boxcar Photography – Ben, the owner of Boxcar Photography, is an expert at keeping photos fun, lively and yet professional. He was so thoughtful and helpful throughout the entire process and always made us feel confident and comfortable. After one meeting with Ben, he is your best friend! We love him and his work so much and would be happy to tell that to anyone who asks us. We are so excited to see how our photos turned out, his sneak peeks are so amazing!

Festival Bakery – They did an outstanding job with our cupcakes and groom’s cake! They looked exactly how we pictured that they would look. We even proviced them with our own cupcake liners (they looked like lace) to be put around each cupcake, and Festival even took care of that for us! The week prior to the wedding, I decided to add a groom’s cake to the intial cupcake order, Stephanie made up a sketch of what she thought I was imagining and the final result was WAY more that I had every expected. If anyone is looking for a reasonable alternative to the expensive wedding bakers, I would happily suggest Festival.

Abster’s Dj Service – Abby is a total gem. She was so fun, professional, and helpful in bringing our celebration to it’s highest potential. She played a wide variety of genres, and she had people of all ages constantly on the dance floor. She’s amazing!

My Photomatic – Booking this photo booth provider was probably the best decision that we made for the reception. Everyone had such a great time and the gentleman running the booth (Kurt, I believe) was so much fun and kept the line moving. I don’t think our celebration could have been as exciting without him!